Hei! I'm Jess and welcome to Our Hodgepodge Home! Welcome to a blog that embraces all things frugal, involves our healthy living, reducing our debt, becoming empty nesters, and quasi-homesteading on our less than an acre.

Our hodgepodge home currently consists of my husband of many years who I will affectionately call 'the man', our middle child/youngest daughter, who I will call 'the boomerang girl', or just 'the girl', and the baby, our son, who I will call 'the boy'. One girl has flown the coop with her hubby, starting our empty nesting adventure. In addition, we occasionally have the mother in law unit (its a good thing, I promise!) living with us.

There is also herd of animals who reside in and outside of the home. Occasionally I may mention the dogs, the birds (chickens and ducks), and chinchillas. Yup, we love our animals...I probably won't even mention the boy's birds or the girl's cat in these posts, but they are here!

I have read so many blogs that talk about frugality, healthy living, debt reduction, and basically getting their life together while raising kids. I have yet to come across a blog by a middle aged gal whose kids are grown, who is looking to the horizon for retirement (ok, 12 years away), and is a late bloomer in the finance/being healthy department. I surely cannot be the only one out there!

Welcome to our home! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax! There are no diapers or sippy cups but there will be dinner for two (sometimes 3 or 4, depending on which kid is home when) and discussions of empty nesting adventures to come!


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