Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goal update - September 2017

2017 is all about REDUCE. That is our word of the year. So far I think we are doing pretty well! Check out the first goal post of 2017 here.

1. Between all the members of this house, we will remove 1000 items from the house. This does not count as everyday household garbage. These items will be items that could be potentially donated or sold. I think I will NOT count items that I throw away. This will make it a bit more challenging. (I totally stole this idea from another blog, but I LOVED the concept!) Goal Accomplished!

Hot diggity dog! The man finally got motivated to go through his belongings, aka teaching supplies and electronics, and whoa nelly, we cleared that 1000 goal by a long shot! I did NOT count items, but let's just say that 1000 goal was easy peasy once he got started! Just by going through the garage he got rid of 16 boxes and 2 garbage bags for donation. Six bins were taken to his school to give away to fellow teachers. The items that I would not have counted but am just as excited about are the ten garbage bags that were taken to the dump. Our recycling can is also filled. Our home garbage can is just about filled as well. So, yep, goal met!

2. My goal is to have a yard sale this spring and make a little extra moula to put towards either the vacation, bills, Christmas, or home projects. I think I am  going to change this goal to just selling items in general. Yard sale was a FLOP!

The man sold one of his chinchillas this past month. I also snagged some of the things he was going to get rid of to sell. Fingers crossed they do!

3. This will be a big goal to accomplish! I plan on organizing the garage. I had it looking okay, but then the "boomerang daughter" moved back home and there went that garage again. It WILL get done this year...complete with shelves and such for storage!

See above. It is getting there! I hope by the end of the month it will be 90% completed. I will just need to get shelves made.

4. The garden. This is THE year I will get the garden established and actually benefit from its bounty.

Our first summer garden was pretty good. I still have a few tomatoes and peppers to glean from it. I started a fall garden and so far it is looking good! The collards and turnips are growing like crazy!

5. Travel to Finland for $1000 (not counting the plane ticket). I am traveling to Finland this summer with my dad, stepmom, and sister. The tickets are paid for already so the goal is to have the rest of the trip costing only $1000. This includes passport, luggage, and any other costs, like spending money while there, etc. This is totally doable, especially since we will be spending time with family. I originally wanted to have $1000 just for spending but I think I am going to include the cost of the passport and luggage too. Now, if I can score gift cards to help defray the cost, that is a bonus to the $1000.  Goal accomplished!

6. I plan to pay off heating cooling systems by the end of the year. This "should" be an easy goal to accomplish.  Goal accomplished!

7. Ok, this may just be the goal I list EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR until it happens. I plan to lose 50 lbs this year and if I do not lose 50lbs, I will be happy to be able to shop in the "regular" sizes again.

Psh, gained a couple of pounds, BUT I am still below what I started at!

8. Since we have been doing Christmas debt free for the past few years already, this year's Christmas goal is to have all presents bought or made by December for under $500. This does NOT count my husband's gift because I ALWAYS spend more than I should on him and him on me.  Bonus points if the gifts are wrapped before December as well!

I was able to score some $30 "treasure chests" for $2 each! They have Disney themes on them but I am going to spray paint them and put the homemade bath items in them for the nieces and nephews. Now to be on the look out for cheap towels! 

9. I plan to keep the grocery bill under $600 a month. I would REALLY like to keep it under $500 a month, but with my husband, that is just setting me up for failure.

I only spent $490 last month! It is good, but considering I was cooking from the freezers and pantry it should have been better. Fingers crossed October is just as good!

10. Work on some craft projects I have been putting off but want to complete. Mainly the cross stitch squares my mom started when she was alive. I'd love to complete them and make the quilt she was planning to make.

Yeah, not in September. There is always October....

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