Sunday, October 1, 2017

A decision has been made

There comes a time in one's life where a decision has to be made.

Do we go through our belongings (aka, clutter) and take the time to sell on the various online platforms or do we decide to cut our losses and donate it all and get a receipt that may, or may not, help us at tax time?

Well, we reached that time in our life and a decision was made. That decision was to purge. Oh what a decision it was!

Background story:
My husband and I married young. We had no money. He basically made minimum wage and I was in school. When we had a little extra money we would scour the clearance sections for items we NEEDED. When we had a little more extra money, we also sought out items in the clearance section that we WANTED, because it was a good deal, you know. So over the course of 25 years we bought, and stored, and bought and stored.
End of story.

Sure, we donated some and threw away some over the years. Heck, when we moved south we threw out, gave away, or donated almost half of what we had BUT there was still so much we had. Think hoarders, but clean ones.

Then my husband became a teacher. What do teachers loves? School supplies and teaching materials. Oh. My. Goodness. As a new teacher if anyone was giving items away, he snatched it. Back to school sales? Oh, you bet he was there. Limit of 5? Oh no, honey, he is a teacher. He can have a limit of 25. Who can resist 25 composition books that are a nickel a piece? Yep, if it was free or cheap, he took it. I mean, lets be honest, most of us would have done the exact same thing.

So you add the enormous amount of teaching supplies to the already large amount of computer and video game collections and you get this: (side note, this is after one day of cleaning. See that wall back there? Yeah, we haven't seen that wall in a few years. So, yes, improvement has been made)

To note, I am not an innocent partner in all this. I, too, have hoarded my share of items. However, the urge to purge hit me awhile ago and I have been steadily purging my things every so often. Matter of fact, I am going to go through a section in my bedroom later today. Oh and that garage? It is not all his. I have holiday stuff, canning supplies, and general household stuff that I will be going through today as well.

The man is a late bloomer. He finally got the urge a few weeks ago. His mass of clutter has him ridden with anxiety so we take it slow for him. A person needs to be ready to purge and they must be guided, not told what to do. He takes breaks throughout the day when he notices his anxiety rising. It also helps when you are motivated. The details of his motivation has changed over the past few weeks. His current motivation? A Nintendo Switch. (He is a gamer, so of course this would work). Hey, whatever works, right?  I mean, we have money saved so...

So why donate instead of taking the time to sell? Well, mostly because there is SO MUCH STUFF! Plus he tried having a yard sale (remember my goals post?) It didn't work out. Plus the longer stuff sits, the less motivated he will be. He had to be ready and he is most definitely ready. Yesterday alone we threw away 5 garbage bags and we donated 2 garbage bags and 6 boxes. He has another 4-5 boxes in his jeep to give to teachers at work (so they can start their own hoarding supply). Today we hope to have the garage completed. It may not be organized, but it will have been gone through. I am perfectly okay with that.

So, for us, donating is a better decision for us right now. It eases our minds to get rid of this stuff. In other words, it "reduces" our stress. Remember, our word of the year is "reduce". I like to think we are getting a bonus. By donating, we are quickly reducing both our clutter and our stress.

Less clutter in the house = less clutter of the mind, dontcha think?

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