Saturday, November 5, 2016

September and October grocery recap

I have really tried to lower the grocery and eating out budget over the past 9 months. 

Monthly recap:
February:Groceries=$1287.95. Eating=$51.67. Total-$1339.62
March: Groceries= $573.20 Eating out= $138.42. Total-$711.62
April: Groceries=$411.40 Eating out=$99.19. Unknown-$41.41 (All I know it went to food). Cash left-$48. So all this equals $600.
May: Groceries= $640.56 Eating out=$211.71. Total-$852.27
June: Groceries=$776.41 Eating out=$509.77 Total-$1276.18
July: Groceries=$779.57 Eating out=$381.53 Total-$1161.10
August: Groceries - $691.43 Eating out - $93.27 Total=$784.70
September:Groceries - $470.49 Eating out - $29.92 Total= $500.41
October: Groceries - $626.06 Eating out - $220.00 Total= $846.06 
This included a little over $50 for alcohol and about $125 for food for our Halloween party so overall I think we did pretty good! Also, about $120 was for my oldest daughter and son in law's birthday breakfast (instead of dinner).