Saturday, August 13, 2016

Possible midlife crisis?

So the man and I went to the beach this past week for a wedding. I LOVE the beach. Now, the man, he has never really cared for the beach, but he agreed that it was relaxing. I was telling the man how I could just live there always. He surprised me by saying that he would move there.


I immediately began searching for houses on the market thinking for sure that I would never find any we could afford. I mean if I was going to move to the beach, I was going to move within walking distance of the beach, ya know?  I was not going to uproot my life if I could not walk to the beach, I mean lets be real now.

I FOUND ONE! It is a foreclosure. It is super weird. Whoever was trying to remodel the house had a vision. I am not quite sure of the vision, but they had one. That is for sure. It is the strangest house I have ever been inside of. They liked doors...and fancy light fixtures...and mirrors....and shutters. Such a strange house. I LOVE IT!

It is almost double the size of our current home. It is three blocks from the ocean. It is also cheaper than our current home. I've done some investigating and the water prices would be higher and I am sure the electricity would be higher since it is bigger. I am most certain insurance will be higher, with it being close to the ocean and all. But it is a wonderful place. I am trying desperately not to get excited about it...too late.

The man and I decided that if it is God's will, it will be and we will move. If it is not God's will, we will stay put. We love where we live now. We have settled....but the ocean, oh the ocean!

The man knows someone who lives there and looked into a job and there are plenty in his field. I also applied for a job. One that would probably give me a bigger salary too. We shall see. I think the most difficult obstacle would be selling our current home. I think it will sell, but we need it to sell at a certain price. Plus our two youngest kiddos would have to move with us unless they could find a place they could afford, which is doubtful. That means they will have to find new jobs too. There is a lot to fall into place for us to make the move....which is why we are leaving it up to the good Lord above. If it is His will, he will allow the pieces to fall into place as they should. (I am hoping it is His will, but I will accept it if it is not)

Life is an adventure, isnt it?!?