Monday, April 18, 2016

From the den to the garage...

Motivation has hit the house...ok, it has hit the house.

After organizing that monstrosity that is now my husband's den, I felt the need to continue on in my quest for a clean, organized home.

There were several areas I could start working on, but I chose to tackle the biggest, most cluttered area first. 


We have lived in our house for over two years now and the garage has never been touched. NEVER.

I lie. The man did touch the dead mice as he threw them out.

So, I have spent about 7 hours today getting started on that big project and when you look at it from the steps, it looks like I accomplished absolutely NOTHING. 

However, when you venture deeper into depth of the garage, you can see the floor!                                                                               ...and lots of mouse poop.

I have one more day off to work on it but I cannot devote all day like I did today. (sad face)

Did I ever mention my goal?  Probably not. Here it is. My goal is to get all the outside stuff completed before summer hits, aka before the heat hits. I have noticed the past two years that we wait until the summer to start outside projects because that is when the man has off of work, you know being a teacher and all. Well, the problem with waiting until summer is that it is HOT. Who wants to do outside work when it is hot? Not me. Not the man, Nope, no way. So I am pushing to get it all done before the heat kicks in.

The garage is one of those "outside" projects. Who wants to work in a heat filled box? Nope, not me, so I want to get it decluttered and mostly organized before June.  I think that if I spend maybe 2-3 hours on it tomorrow and then also this weekend, I can get most of it done. The part that will be left is the man's domain. (He's a hoarder...mainly of teaching supplies and video game pieces and parts and wires and junk). 

So, hopefully my plan for tomorrow and the weekend works out and then I can post some more before and after pictures!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

From mess to marvelous! The den.

So the man took over one of the bedrooms upstairs for his office, den, man cave, whatever.

He HAD to have it. He needs a space of his own, so he says.

We have an extra room, so it was settled. All his crap would be in that room. Yay, I thought. No more of his stuff cluttering up the house. I was all in!

Then, his stuff began to take over other areas of the house. His side of the bedroom was a cluttered mess. The back area of the living room that I wanted to be a nice reading area, ended up being a video game haven and of course his stuff accumulated there too. We haven't even touched all his stuff, mostly teaching supplies, that have yet to be unpacked and are currently in the garage.

ARGH!  I want to be organized and decluttered! So after much, much, MUCH thinking, I decided to start to get him orgainzed. He was afraid I was going to throw things out and the mere thought of it, freaked him out. Every time I looked in the den, I freaked out.

Then I had an epiphany! Why throw anything out? I would just organized EVERYTHING that was in the room. THEN, he can go through it and purge. It is win-win. He has been wanting to purge but whenever he looked at the huge clutter, he would become overwhelmed and walk away. I wanted the room organized so when I begin to go through other areas of the house and get to his things, I have an organized place to put the item.

I had 3 days off of work to get it done. The first day was just spent looking over the plan and buying bins and relaxing for the work days.

Here are the before and after pics!
The hallway before.
The hallway after!

The left side of the room...disaster!
The left side of the much better! Oops, the left of the pic is at the door.
The right side of the room before
The right side of the room after

The closet before...not even used!
The closet after. Office supplies all organized!

It took about 16 hours, over a 2 day period, but it was so worth it! My next day off, I think I will either tackle the items he has in our bedroom or the back half of the living room, or maybe both! I'm on a roll now!  I cannot wait to get to the garage and get it organized!

My overall goal is to purge, purge, and make some money off what we purge!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

March 2016 update of goals

A Dozen Goals For 2016

1. Pay off two car payments
Well, we are getting closer to this goal. I have one car down to less than $2000. I'm really hoping to have it paid off by summer. Now, getting the other car paid off will be tricky due to some of the home projects I want to do, but I am still gonna try!

2. Cut spending and figure out ways to cut spending even more

The man was able to knock about $40 off of our phone bill this past month! Yay! I've been debating on canceling our garbage service but probably will not. I am thinking of getting rid of recycling and just taking that myself. I want to look into different services in the area to see if any are cheaper. 

3. Lower the grocery bill and reduce our eating out substantially
This we made some headway on in March!  Recapping February: Groceries = $1287.95 (a third of it was when we bought half a pig for the deep freezer) and Eating out was $51.67. 
For March: Groceries = $573.20!!! Eating out = $138.42. We did more fast food this in March simply because we were lazy a few days. Plus, I traveled north to bring my mother in law back down here and fast food was eaten during the trip.
My goal for April is to get the eating out portion lower. I have decided to take out a certain amount of money from the credit union and that is what we will use for groceries and eating out. When it is done, it is done.

4. Turn our junk into money
We have been slowly selling off different items around the house. I have convinced the man to put the money in a jar so that we will not spend it unnecessarily. I am hoping for this money to be spent on home projects.
5. 12 house projects in 12 months
I painted the deck!  It is complete! Yay! I feel so accomplished with this! I also painted the outside bench. It looks so cute! It went from a faded barn red to multicolored pastels! Now onto more projects!
6. Vacation on the cheap
I had a mini vacation at the end of the month when I traveled north to bring my mother in law back down. I only made necessary stops and allow my dad to buy me dinner one night. Bonus!
7. Have Christmas gifts made or paid for before December
I am slowly adding to my collection for one gift. Although I think the apron gift is a great idea, I do not think everyone will appreciate it so some I have decided against it. When I was up north, I went to a store with my sister and scored several gifts for a niece and a couple nephews. I also scored one for the man, the boy, and one girl. Yay!  I think this goal will be met easily!
8. Lose 50 pounds in 2016
No clue how much, if any, I lost. I do know that I can cinch my belt a notch tighter! I'm now on the third hole in!
9. Declutter, organize, and decorate the house
This is one goal that I need to accomplish, for my own sanity. I've decided to go room to room and organize it. I've got my closet organized for the most part. My bedroom is over halfway completed, I feel accomplished with this! (Now if I can just get the man to clean up his area). I have been so focused on him going through his belongings to get rid of things that I cannot focus on anything else it seems. I think now I am going to focus on just finding a place for everything and then he can go through it when he goes through it. It at least will be somewhat organized.
10. Learn more about blogging and keep up with this one
Oh how I have slacked on this the past month! I like this monthly goal update, but I need to add some detailed posts in between too.
11. Learn new one new thing a month
I learned how to stain a deck, and how big of a pain in the but it is. 
12. Put forth more time for family and friends
I have done this! I was able to see my dad and other family members up north in March! I also had some friend time too!