Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anticipation and setting goals for 2015

Oh how I long to work on this blog!

Oh how I long to work on the homestead!

I have such dreams for both. Alas, my studies must come first.  BUT in less than 200 days, I shall graduate and then it will be partial steam ahead!  (I still have to take the boards to become a nurse practitioner so I will still be studying some).

So without further ado, here are my homesteading goals for 2015. (a partial list at least...I may add some before the end of the year!)

1.  Raise and process a batch of meat chickens. May update: Still want to do this...maybe in the fall.

2.  Fence in the yard to allow the chickens and ducks more run.  May update: No fence yet. Funds are low so this may be a piece by piece project.

3.  Pressure wash and treat the deck.  May update: Still in the works. I've been busy with finishing school but I am REALLY hoping to get this done asap!

4.  Get the garage cleaned out and organized.  May update:  Ahem...see above excuse.

5.  Build some raised garden beds...and actually garden in them!  May update: Oh how I wish I could say this has happened, but alas it has not. 

6.  Get fruit trees planted.  May update:  Nope, not yet.

7.  Get berry bushes and vines planted & grape vines planted. May update:  I wish....

8.  Learn about fishing and actually go at least once.  May update: Ok, so I have NOT learned...yet...but I have some guys at work willing to let me tag along to glean some knowledge from them. Hopefully it happens!

9.  Get the worm bin going again.  May update:  Again...not yet. 

10. Start learning about bees.  May update:  I had planned on attending the county's local beekeeping monthly meeting last week, but the RA decided to take over my body and I was too achy to go...maybe in June...

11. Increase our poultry population.  May update:  YAY!!! This is one I can say we have done!!1 Woohoo!!  So, our beloved male duck, Gonzo, was killed by our beagle boys a few months ago and we incubated some of his women's eggs and 13 of them hatched!! We gave away 10 of them and kept 3 of his offsping!  We also incubated some call ducks and had 3 hatch!  We kept all of them!  Yay!!

12. Learn how to put together this blog a little better.  May update:  This will happen...