Friday, September 26, 2014

Homestead hold up

A post that Shaye did recently on her blog, The Elliott Homestead, rang so true to me and it has been making me think about my own priorities. 

You see, I am a full time mom, a full time nurse, and currently a full time graduate student.  There is just not enough time to be a homesteader at this point.  Well, there is not enough time to be a blogging homesteader.

With that being typed, I must put the homestead on hold. At least the blogging portion, not that it ever really got started.  We still have the chickens and ducks and plan to get a couple more in the spring.  We may even add raised garden beds in the spring.  But I think that is all.  I would love to get 2 turkeys, but we shall see.  There will be no bees in the spring, like I desperately wanted.  There will be no grand raised garden beds that will provide us with all our produce.  There just is not time right now.

I must devote the next 8 months to my schooling, family, and work.  Like Shaye let the cloth diapers go, I am letting this project go...for now.  It shall not be forgotten.  I may even do a quick post here and there, but most likely not. 

So, ttfn, my friends...