Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Homestead failure??

For most the summer is halfway through. For us, the summer is about over. Marching band camp has started, my university will begin classes in 3 weeks and I am already receiving emails on deadlines and beginning of the semester items.

Where has the time gone?  The coops are still not complete, although complete enough for the birds to live in. The nesting boxes are "almost" done being built. The ducks still need a completed roof on their home.  So where did time go??  Has this homestead become a failure?

We have enjoyed family. We moved out our second child. We have relaxed. We probably have relaxed more than we should have, but hey, we did what we felt we needed to do.  Not going into too much detail, we needed these calm days of summer where netflix rules the room and the sound of snoring beagles comes in at second place in the competition of sound.

There is also the sound of birds. We had a nest of house sparrows hatch.  The chickens, although not earning their keep yet, are enjoying life. Unfortunately, the great deal of 7 birds for $5 has proved not to be a great deal. So far we have gotten rid of one rooster only to wake up the next morning to another one testing his vocal abilities. Then the following morning a second joined in. Oh well, I may as well learn how to cull them and make their new home my deep freezer.  The ducks have become the outside entertainment....and sex education provider. No eggs from them yet either, although it should be any day now according to what we have read. 

We still have not organized as much as we had hoped inside our new abode.  I did manage to organize the pantry after living here 6 months.  My screened porch, aka the bitch bunker, is coming along. The plants and trees have not been planted much to my dismay. Most are still alive so that is promising for a fall planting.  There was no garden planted, unless you count the 4 tomato plants the neighbor gave me that I placed into the ground on the side of the house. I think there are a few tiny tomatoes starting. The worms are doing okay. I give them scraps, and they are munching, slowly. 

The gnat and fly population seemed to do the best job this summer. :/   We did find the source of the gnats...my kombucha scoby. Darn it!  At least the scoby was a free one. Apparently I did not have a tight enough seal around the coffee filter and the buggers decided that the scoby was the perfect breeding ground. Oh well.  The man and the boy did manage to create a yummy, to them, vinegar drink that they have been bottling.

Has this homestead become a failure?  Nah. It is just a slow, slow start.  I mean, heck, we did just move here in January. I had two major surgeries, finished up a full time grad school semester while working full time, what did I expect?  I am not the spry young 20-something that could pull allnighters and garden the day away. I am pushing 40, man. Not that I am old, I just know my boundaries and enjoy family and relaxing....maybe a little too much. It is okay. I am okay with that.  Fall is a new season.

I did get some things done! I got the birds and the worms. We know exactly how we want the yard now. We just need to put the plans in motion. All in good time, friends...