Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Things are a happening up in here!

The chicken coop (which I am debating on calling "coopa cabana" or "the best little hen house") is almost complete. The nesting boxes need to be installed and some little tweeks here and there need done, but otherwise, it is all built!  I need to get some pictures on here!

The duck house, aka "The Quack Shack", is also coming along. The ducks have been out in it for about a week now. The run area has yet to be started. We do have a routine with them though. Every morning, they get let out and they run toward the dogs (which they are in their own little penned up area in the yard). The dogs go crazy. The ducks proceed to run along the dogs' area which causes them to go crazy. They then waddle over to where their pool is waiting for them with fresh water. They get a container of food and they get the pool closed in with a little yard. The tarp goes over the top for shade. This is where they spend their day until we go out and gather them up for the night.

I decided that 3 dogs, a cat, 9 chickens, and 4 ducks were not enough for our growing homestead.  I spoke to the man and have ordered a WORM BIN!  It should be here by next week! As soon as it arrives, I will set it all up (yes, in the kitchen) and then head to the local tackle store and grab up some worms. They will be composting my kitchen scraps! Yay!!

I have yet to get the trees and fruit vines planted. This needs to get done soon! 

The fence needs built too. The pool needs to be put up. The fire pit needs established. The archery area needs developed. 

All in time, Jess.  All in time. (I need to keep remembering this phrase!)

I did manage to pick some organic strawberries last evening. They will be snacked on but many will be transformed into delicious jam.  I had wanted to do that today, but my plate is full so into the freezer they will go until I have the time. (stupid summer class!  haha)

I am already investigating getting meat chickens this fall.  I am also investigating getting bees next spring. Just investigating though. If I can accomplish those goals, great. If not, no worries, it will happen.

I am just so excited to transform this home into a functioning homestead that is as self sufficient as possible! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer is here!

The weather is hot already. It has been in the 90s all week.  So of course the ac broke.

Of course it did.

So we turned it off and opened the windows and turn all the ceiling fans on and dealt with the heat. It was miserable. We are not quite used to the heat just yet.

And then the neighbor came over and turned on the air. It worked.  No clue why it suddenly worked, but it did. 

Of course it did.

And today it is only supposed to be 80 degrees and the air is still on. I refuse to touch it and make it a tad bit warmer in here.  I may break it..haha. That is okay. I have the beagle boys to keep me warm!

With summer comes my summer class which has started this week.  It will be okay though. Easy peasy...I hope.

With summer comes working overtime to pay up on bills and hopefully pay some off.

With summer comes organizing the house and yard. My favorite!

The chicken coop is just about complete. The duck house is still a work in progress.  The fencing is still just a is the firepit, and the archery range, and my bitch bunker (aka the screened in porch).

I have to keep telling myself, "all in time, Jess, all in time".  Baby steps.

I am going to get myself organized this week and next week things will start to get accomplished. 

So, ready for the ride with me?