Monday, April 28, 2014

Liquid gold and tired arms

I scored some liquid gold....aka raw milk....for pet consumption only, of course  ;-)
One sweet gallon of the stuff.

The cream line.  Oh goodness, that cow produces some wonderful cream!

I decided to try making some raw butter with the cream.  I have done it before but only with heavy cream that I bought from the store.  I remember it being "fun" so I thought I would try it again.

It was fun! 

For maybe 15 minutes.  Then it was tiresome.  And annoying to those sitting around me.

Blurp.  Blurp.  Blurp.

"Look, it is working. It's working!!"  ("Yes mom, you are making butter. yay for you".)

I had to take a break. What a better way to break than to post about how tired my arms are and how excited I am to get this yummy milk to make butter with. 

Next time I will use the mixer.  It will work much quicker...and easier. 

I would show you a picture of my creation, but I have temporarily misplaced my camera and phone and I am too tired (and lazy) to look for them at the moment.  Yes butter making is THAT tiresome (and the fact that I have had 2 hrs of sleep in the past 24 hrs due to being a night shift worker coming off of her work week).

Trust me. this butter is beautiful.  The best butter ever.  I can picture all the wonderful healthy bacteria ready to join in my belly with all the other wonderful healthy bacteria and become superheros and fight the likes of bad bacteria and viruses.  Great visual I am having now thanks to sleep deprivation! 

Ok, enough of the love affair I am having with my first batch of raw butter. 

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Testing, testing. Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly

Yup, I am in the last 10 days of spring semester which means papers, projects, and finals.

Fun Fun

As soon as this semester is complete, I will be focusing on the creation of the homestead. Promise!

I have berries and trees to plant. Wild berries to dig up from the back of the yard and replant along the side. A chicken coop to complete (almost done!). A duck house to complete. And runs or pens or whatever you call them to attach to each coop/house.  There is the fence to put up and even more things to accomplish! 

Oh I am actually looking forward to all of this! Plus I have the house to organize. You see, we moved into our new house back in January. I also started the semester in January, and had 2 back to back surgeries in that month too. Needless to say, I have been a busy girl!

So please, for those who actually have found this blog (thanks for reading!), stay tuned! There is more to this show!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do you know how to design a blog?

So as you can tell by the very simple layout and template of this blog (unless you are reading this way after I got help), my knowledge is very limited when it comes to this stuff. 

By knowledge, I mean how to design a blog.

By limited, I mean other than typing and uploading pictures, I know almost nothing.

Are there any online programs out there that I can learn how to design and work my way through the blogging universe?  I would love to add more pictures and cool backgrounds and links, etc.

So, if you know of any resources out there that I can learn from (once this spring semester is over in grad school, that is), please share them with me in a comment below!!  I really want to learn!

Please and thank you!

the chicken coop & duck house

We have chickens. Ten to be exact.

We have ducks. Four of them!

They sometimes get along.

And they sometimes do not.

Hence, we need two separate homes for them.  So our first project on the homestead is to build some coops! We looked over a bazillion pictures of different coops. We wanted easy. We wanted cheap.

I found a coop that I liked that used pallets for the frame. I showed the man the pics and he agreed that it would not be that hard to make. 

The man borrowed a trailer from a friend and off he went to find some pallets. He and the boy took their spring break to get them started. Here are some pics of how they are coming along! I am so excited to get our lil creatures out of our spare bedroom and into their new homes!

There ya have it! The beginning of their new homes!  I will post again when they are complete...with enclosed runs!!  I am so excited!

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